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Rutgift Transport offers order entry sysems for every kind of transport as well as every type of entry: batch, single offers, multiply offers, EDI, csv, xml, http, ftp, email, etc.
Rutgift Transport offers Track & Trace, so everybody along the suply chain is able to look up the transport status of their order.
Rutgift Transport offers several tools for you to pass relevant information simply by using sms, pda, smartphone, boardcomputer or other internet modes.
Rutgift Transport offers easy to handle planning software helping planners to choose more efficient solutions.
Rutgift Tranport offers freight exchange systems for you and your partners to realize a higher (back) load score.
Our applications are used throught internet by hundreds of transport companies around the globe, with srongholds in Europe and Australia.
All our documentation is available on-line.
Are you interested in a demonstration or do you like to know more, than let us know.
Some of our partners are listed here: Loginet, Freecargo, Logistic Planet.